Thursday, July 1, 2010

Between English n Manglish.

hoho,as I strolled along my old blog.I found that most not most but several of it are fully in english.hrmmmm,I really do love English very much.It's my fav subject since I was in primary school because I often score high marks.Cewahhh..Yuks.It's not that I want to brag,but it's the truth,I love English subject because I really can score n I really hate Math because I cannot score.huhu.++ my mom is an English teacher,so it's in my blood eh.haha.perhaps.brag again :).but I have a problem,eventhough I can write in English (but my grammar isn't that puuurfect)haha and understand what people say but I'm not so fluent when I have to SPEAK.What a shame asyizz..haha.

I really adore to those who can speak fluently in English.Love to hear they make their speeches.Love to listen to what they say.Like Hafiz the host of Showdown 2010.His English is superb!!I want to speak English confidently but how????????help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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