Tuesday, April 20, 2010


ok,since my friend asked me me to update my blog..so here I am..huhu ^-^
ade jugak org bace ek..like me kot..always be silent reader kat blogs i'm following..sori aa..this blog in MaNglish..haha..besela kan..ini blog kite ..suke ati la nak tulis ape kan..hehe

ok back to boook review:
this book is AWESOME THREESOME..I was hook along after years of not being able to finish whatever I read.novels especially..dah hilang interest in novels,sbb xtau nape..haha
tp this books..BESTTT!!!SGT!!

hrmmm..to my dear sis hanna..u should read this book..keke
the story was about Ms Samantha Sweeting a top lawyer in UK who worked 7 days per week without rest..
and she doesn't know how to rest to be exact..her life has been scheduled every minutes..giler kan!!

xleh hidup mcm ni..leh mati katak teman..haha

die hidup 7 thun with the same routine everyday until one day she made a mistakes that ruined her career and
she took a train and stuck in the middle of no where,and a couple mistakenly took her to become their MAID..

haha..hilarious giler..samantha yg IQnye 158,graduated from Cambridge..xpenah wat house chores pun..even jahit butang baju pun xreti..iron baju pun pun xreti ...cooking lagila hampeh..huhu..memula jd haywire jgkla,sume mende die xreti..until he met Nathaniel (hero cite ni) yg byk tlg die..romantik ooo die ngn Nat ni.huhu

tu je la kot..klu nk tau kena bace sendiri daa...xlugi ooo beli (eh,tman pinjam kat hanna je buku ni)haha
creditto my dear sis Nana coz pinjamkan buku ni..dah lunyai buku baru die teman wat..heee thx a lot!!

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