Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A tribute to our friend..Muhammad Aizuddin bin Muaz

This morning I received a facebook message from our friend Muhammad Aizuddin bin Muaz aka Din ..ding dong perhaps..huhu..and unfortunately the most important person I can say to attend our wedding can't come because of his work...It's frustrating..T_T

His holiday has been approved brg dah siap packing n then his boss urged him to do other works..what else can I say..It's his job..apelah daya saya nak menghalang..First of all thanx to Allah coz of Him we met,then fallen in love then insyaAllah will getting married on this Friday..but if it's not because of this person named Muhammad Aizuddin bin  Muaz,maybe Asyrah n Za'im still doesnt know each other..Yup..Din is our matchmaker..our "telangkai"..huhu..disebabkan diela kami dapat berkenalan..bermula dengan friendster...then berhubungan melalui YM setelah Din mempromotkan rakannya ( a member of Happy Gymmers)huuu semasa mereka berada di UTP..

Actually aku upset sangat sekarang ni. For me this is THE wedding I must attend. I mean, the joy is definitely different. Knowing only the hubby or only the wife is normal. Most the weddings I attended were like that. Knowing both... Honestly, I don't know. All I can say is; the feeling is different.
Ayat ni wat sy sedih...mmg Din kawan rapat kami..I knoe him since from SMKA Slim River...we were classmates mase Form 2 ,Form 4 and Form 5..Then after SPM  die masuk UtP and segeng Happy Gymmers dengan Mr Z..

To Din jasa ko akan akan kami ingat hingga akhir hayat kami...terima kasih terima kasih  dan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga daripada kami berdua..Jaga Awin baik2..n kami tunggu ko jemput kenduri kawen ko nnt eh..:)

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