Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ceritera ustad don akep :P

lame sudah tidak hapdate pasal anak kesayangan ambo ini.huhu

setakat 20.03.2012 , at 11 months yo ++ he can :

  • crawling started at 7-8 months
  • cruising started at 8 months
  • climbing the sofas n chairs n beds etc started at 10 months
  • clapping his hand n open n close his hands @ 11 months
  • sitting on his own @ 7-8 months
  • n now can standing up unsupported yet umi still waiting patiently to watch his very first steps (cant wait)huhuhu ~ xpela lambat pon akep umi dulu 1 yr ++ baru jln.caiyokkk akep u can do it!!hehe
  • abi he said aba aba umi he said ma ma ma ma,nak susu also ma ma ma ma plus ehe ehe ehe.huhu.kiut ah..cant resist the cuteness of this lil boy.mau geget2 die.:D
  • mkn sume mau,mcm org beso sudah,tp got allergy on egss n chicken,hopefully alergik mase kecik je.  

     till then tq for reading this entry .(haha,de readers ke haku? ) kekeke..but anyway tq :)

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