Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hopefully Raye!!

after a long time just being a silent reader to many many many;s time for me to write again.

I will just write whenever I got the feel to write,whenever I have sth to share with everybody n yet my blogs still doesn't have many readers..due of my posts which is very seldom..huhu

or maybe you are reading my blog rite now just like me..a silent to read what other ppl to stalks in every moments I have.. :P

Just 3 more days for us to finish fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan..owh..why haven't I grab the opportunity to increase my ibadah..why?? too lazy..what happened to me??..u must work hard to get Allah's love..hurm I will be able to go through another Ramadhan next year..hopefully I will be a better muslimah next year..hopefully..

Yet the raye will come again,n I feel soooooo happy to go back to my home sweet home somewhere in Perak...wohooo..hope we will have a safe and happy journey bcoz mak's dishes awaiting us in the end..woot..woot..happy...happy..yummy2 food..

Hope everyone will have joyous Aidilfitri celebration n lots of luv to my Mr Z who is in a far far far away kingdom..miss u every sec dear..

oh yes I haven't found any baju raya sad..hope to get it bfore raye..again hopefully..till then..bubye for now!!

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