Sunday, April 15, 2012


Alhamdulillah thank you Allah ,the moment we've waited for finally came.
At 1 yr and 10 days  ( 15.04.2012)our Akeef Zubayr have finally taken his very first steps in front abi n umi.
We are sooo proud to witness this memorable event.hehe.but sadly we have not taken any photos.It happened too fast,just a few steps only.haha.Then he stopped.Tired kot.huu.will take pictures next time ya!!.
I wrote bcoz I want to remember the date of his first step.So Akep,Congrats!!!

this is when he can stand up on his own

Thursday, April 5, 2012

his First Birthday!!!

Hari ini di waktu ini 9.28 am,
umi dah admitted ke labour room dah.kena cek bukaan sajer.ouch.!!haha.

but I was sooo excited to see how u look like my dear son n at 12.50 pm u were born n it was the happiest moment ever for both of us ( abi wa ummi).n during the years you have made us laugh,smile and even break our tears.Because we love u so much my dear.we love u.we even willing to sacrife our life for u tau.:) 

Semoga Akeef Zubayr B Muhammad Za'im Zaki ini dipanjangkan umur,dimurahkan rezeki,dilindungi Allah selalu,diberi kesihatan yang baik,jadi anak yg taat pada Allah dan Rasul,anak yg mendengar kata umi dan abi,moga jadi Alhafiz satu hari nnt n jadi org yang menegakkan agama Allah dimuka bumi ini.

You are "my precious" ,"my precious"sile sebut mcm Gollum LOTR sebut.haha.saaaaayang Akeef sgt2 tau .mmmuah mmmuah mmuah..:D

1 day young
1 yr younger :p
ps : i feel blessed coz he still wants to breastfeed until now.alhamdulillah.moga susu utk Akeef ade smpai Akeef 2 thun ye :)
this song is for u Akeef coz u'r the number ONE for me.-tukarla lirik die tu,nnt besar nnt akep nyanyi tuk ummi lak ye :P k

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